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LZF Trend Tips: Domo Pendant Lamp

November 30, 2015 12:38 pm Published by

A Homely Playroom


Not unlike adults, kids enjoy kicking back too. After a hard day at school or playing with friends, it’s a pleasure to flop down on the sofa and unwind. Today’s youth maintain that fresh-faced zeal for fashion and style; they appreciate a sharp environment that speaks to their active view of the world.

Kids are ever-curious and enjoy mixing it up. Take the 1970s, that once heady decade with its air of innocence, and combine it with an expression of contemporary 21st century living. Start with some funky and cosy illumination. The LZF DOMO pendant lamp by  Rqr Studio, is a clean design for this switched-on youngster, delivering a cool look and a homely ambience that will light up any imagination. With its bright shining handmade wood veneers, the DOMO pendant lamp is a perfect match for this room’s punchy colours, geometric shapes, warm materials and different textures. Together, they create a space that encourages fun and relaxation in tandem. Strip away modern-day tedium by adding real toys and physical books. Such simple tools animate young creative minds and are enjoyed under the happy light of an LZF DOMO pendant lamp.

Lighting by: LZF Lamps

Art Director by: Masquespacio

Photography by: Cualiti Photo Studio

Seating by: Sancal

Table by: Punt




The Vintage Coffee Shop

LZF_Wood_Lamps_Trend_Tip_Domo_Pendant_Lamp_ Rqr_Studio

Upon stepping into this urban space, the day’s stresses are immediately alleviated and fraying nerves are calmed. Free from any judgement or pretense, it is a space in which to throw down your bags, take off your coat, sit and enjoy the welcoming ambience.

Savouring the aroma of coffee and sweet flaky treats, you notice that the light is especially brilliant. Soft and glowing, it radiates down from three LZF DOMO pendants lamp, hanging overhead. Perfectly symmetrical, these handmade wood veneer lamps cleverly frame a most pleasing scene and put you at ease.

You take a look around, picking out the clean lines and features that work to build a balanced and relaxed environment. The space is bijou and you readily appreciate a smart mix of materials: the concrete and brick, rattan and wood, flora and light. There’s an air of mid century nostalgia that gently acts to enhance your mood, the ambience heightened by the stylish DOMO pendant lamps. The wood veneers speak to your sense of repose, transporting your thoughts to a world of elegant wonder. Ordering coffee and croissants, you sit back and enjoy the surroundings, happily lounging in the warmth of LZF’s meticulous wood lamps.


The DOMO pendant Lamp is a handmade wood veneer lamp, designed by Rqr Studio for LZF Lamps.


Lighting by: LZF Lamps

Art Director by: Masquespacio

Photography by: Cualiti Photo Studio

Seating by: Expormim

Table by: Punt

LZF_Wood_Lamps_Trend_Tip_Domo_Pendant_Lamp_ Rqr_StudioLZF_Wood_Lamps_Trend_Tip_Domo_Pendant_Lamp_ Rqr_Studio

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