LZF Lamps | Wood Lighting Lamps | Chmara-Rosinke

Coinciding with LightFair International 2016, we talk to Chmara.Rosinke, the designers behind the LZF exhibiting trolly, which will be out display our newest wood veneer lamps  at this years fair in the New Exhibitors Pavilion, Booth 317.

Chmara.Rosinke Studio was founded in 2011 in Vienna by Ania Rosinke and Maciej Chmara. Their studio designs, directs and executes objects, interiors and pop-ups from their original concept through to their creation. They strive to combine craftsmanship with a conceptual and ecological approach, realising both commissioned and self-initiated projects. Many of their works are inspired by functional and socio-cultural aspects and they try to translate their observations into objects through analysis and research. In their designs chmara.rosinke pay a lot of attention to details and the emotions objects and spaces arouse in people. Above all, they see aesthetics as an important factor for sustainability.

While they are still yet to design a lamp for us, we have welcomed them into our family and hope you enjoy the following short but stimulating interview with them.

LZF Lamps | Wood Lighting Lamps | Chmara-Rosinke

Tristan LZF: What do you enjoy most about your profession?
Ania Rosinke & Maciej Chmara: Creating new things everyday and for sure surrounding oneself with beautiful objects.

T: Where do you draw inspiration?
A&M: In Hardware stores and everywhere else. You cannot say where exactly, we are walking very much and discovering stuff in antique shops, cafes, museums, wherever. I mean, one can get inspiration by an orange sponge in a hardware store, but also by a design classic. So we are just walking,  looking at as much stuff as possible and sketch constantly. Also when we are in a new countries or cities, we make sure to walk everywhere, to get to know the place better.

T: In your opinion, what should good design do?
A&M: Try to improve the world or as a minimum make it a bit more beautiful and bring smiles to people´s faces.
LZF Lamps | Wood Lighting Lamps | Chmara-Rosinke

T: How has your work with LZF compared to other collaborations you have been involved in?
A&M: It is chaotic, but in a positive sense! It is very emotional and on a very personal level. What we enjoyed very much are the discussions and that food seems to form a big part of the collaboration. For us these things are strongly connected to our work. Design is also a form of delight.

T: Whose designs are you most envious of and why?
A&M: We are fans of Formafantasma or Michael Anastasiades, but really envious I think we are of Konstantin Grcic. I mean he is working strictly on products and doing completely different projects than we do. But it´s incredible, that with nearly every product that he finishes, he defines the product in a completely new way that nobody before him has ever seen it.