LZF presents 5 Questions with Designers; a series of interviews with LZF´s top designers.

This week, to celebrate the initial stock deliveries of the multi award winning Asterisco table lamp, we ask  5 questions to the lamp’s designers, Adrian & Cristina from the design studio Cuatro Cuatros on their thoughts of what constitutes good design?

Tristan: What do you enjoy most about your profession?
Adrian & Cristina: To materialize ideas. The magic of seeing our ideas become real objects that we can touch and use … Also the variety of different jobs we pursue, both our personal development projects, which we love for the deeper insight of design we gain, and our client briefs, which give us new challenges, enriching us and bringing us to new sectors, introducing us to new materials and processes.

T: Where do you draw inspiration?
A & C: We gain inspiration from our day to day lives, problems we see , behaviors we observe , conundrums and from other artistic disciplines … sometimes the inspiration is tiny and not obvious, but it can become the starting point of something larger, so you need to be very observant. More directly though , when we are working new projects, documentaries, books and some social networks can be very influential.

T: In your opinion, what should good design do?
A & C:Be functional, aesthetically pleasing and conceptually appealing.

T: How has your work with LZF compared to other collaborations you have been involved in?
A & C:: We value LZF´s overall respect for the profession as a whole as well as to the individual designs and concepts they search for. They maintain close contact while still maintaining a high level of professionalism . Thanks to their know-how in this area, the development process is very smooth. When there is an adjustment request, they are collaborative and ask for your input and opinion. We appreciate this very much as designers.

T: Whose designs are you most envious of and why?
A & C:Tomas Alonso. His designs provide a balance between the conceptual side of design and the aesthetic. The forms he creates are deceptively simple and full of small hidden details which for us are beautiful and functional. Above all his work is artistic and makes us think…. which we believe is very important. Even if all we think is ”why didn’t we think of that”.


The Asterisco table lamp, has received  both the German Design Award and an iF Design Awards and is now shipping to a sales outlet near you.

Stay tuned for the next edition of 5 Question, when we talk to other LZF Designers.
Tristan Mayne