LZF Lamps | Funny Farm Shop gfi

LZF’s Funny Farm Shop is open and ready to roll. *Now you can finally buy your favourite Funny Farm character and have the little critter shipped directly to your door. During this exclusive promotional period you can win a second critter simply by posting a photo in Facebook or Instagram of your Funny Farm personality in a funny situation with the following hashtags #LZFLamps. We will be selecting the best photo every month and contacting you so you can pick your second character for your collection.

Remember that each character was dreamt up in the mind of Isidro Ferrrer at his design studio in Huesca and crafted into being by Carlos Mur’s hands in his carpentry workshop in the Pyrenees. In the video, we take a look into the creative minds of these two artisans and see how they bring their characters to life. Enjoy and remember to check out all the characters online here.

*The Funny Farm shop is only available for purchasing within Europe, check the Do shop and YLiving for the Americas and elsewhere.