An interview with the mind behind the Funny Farm characters and the Life Size animal sculptures. We bring you an intriguing interview with graphic designer and artist Isidro Ferrer.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?

Everything. I think that the most interesting part of this profession is to be able to undertake the whole process in a creative and implicated manner.  Especially the most agonizing part of this profession is the development and concretion process, but then the most enjoyable part is the execution. Once the concepts has been thought of, it is a downhill roll.

But from the beginning to the end, it is an addition of all the different parts of the process that makes this special magic that then is realized and comes forth in the finished product.

Where do you draw inspiration?

For me inspiration always arrives as a surprise. You never have to look for it, you just have to pay attention, be aware and then it jumps out at you. I never look for inspiration on the internet, rather I keep my eyes open,and observe what is happening around me.

I find that if you live your day to day life in an intense manner, then it has enough resources to spark your imagination and at the most unexpected moments.

An occurrence takes place, which once observed, detonates a thought into being, within the realm of ideas.

In your opinion, what should good design do?

Emotion, fundamentally.

There is a part that is execution, there is a part of conceiving the idea, but nether the execution nor the conception of the idea really have the substantial thing which moves me. Which is the emotion.

LZF Lamps | Isidro Ferrer Interview

How has your work with LZF compared to other collaborations you have been involved in?

I would say the complicity and the liberty. There is a common language between us, which although we work in different facets of design, allows us to reach common understandings, while not diminishing the personal sides of our work.

Who is a current artist or designer you are interested in?

I like a lot of artist and designers, everyday someone new. Especially in very different territories and plains. From music to the theater, from poetry to philosophical thinkers to cinema. Last week I discovered the cinema of Roy Andersson, a Swedish film director, which I found incredible. I find his work to be highly emotional.

On the musical side there is French musician Paul Cox and English producer Mathew Herbert who I find really stimulating. And in literature the art critic John Berger is of great interest to me. All these individuals I find to be the definitive reference points of their fields for me.