The LZF Garden Gatherings, were an absolute joy to organise and host. We created some great new memories and, wouldn’t you know it, some lovely new friends. Of particular distinction were the 7 superstars who form BloggersTour, a blogger collective who had been invited to Spain by RED, an organisation that promotes Spanish design.


The collective consisted of

Allan Torp from Bungalow 5

Emma Fexeus from Ems Design Blog

Sussana Vento from Varpunen

Desiree Groenenda from Vosgesparis

Igor Josifovic from Happy Interiors Blog

Ana Gustafsson from La Maison d´Anna G

Gerard McGuickin from Walnut Grey Design

These 7 Cool Cat scour the globe in search of exciting designs on which to feature in their respective blogs. And so, after spending a delightful evening conversing  over Paella and Mojitos, went on to write some truly lovely and heartfelt things.

Here are their entries,

We hope you enjoy.

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 LZF_Wood_Lamps_Vosgesparis_11LZF_Wood_Lamps_Vosgesparis_21LZF_Wood_Lamps_Happy_interiors_Blog_1 LZF_Wood_Lamps_Happy_Interiors_Blog_2LZF_Wood_Lamps_La_Maison_D_Anna_G