Holiday at home: enjoy the rest and your “slow life”

May 9, 2018

Having our days filled with never-ending schedules, meetings, school, extra-curricular activities and all sorts of social commitments is stressing and leaves very little space for us to enjoy the important things in life. Learn how to get started with the "slow living" lifestyle and discover a more mindful way of interacting with your surroundings.

A pinch of green: plants for forgetful gardeners

May 2, 2018

If you want to add some greenery to your home but you always forget watering your plants hear our suggestions. Here's your beginner's guide for gardeners.

LED lighting: the importance of choosing the right light

April 25, 2018

Nowadays style and sustainability go hand in hand.  If we care about the origin of our furniture, ornaments a houseware, why not think about our lighting too? We rely on light to develop many daily routines and activities: reading, cooking, using our laptops and tablets… But do we give a second thought to the bulbs we have installed at our home? Learn more about LED Lighting and save money and energy!

Give yourself a treat: a little goes a long way

April 18, 2018

Living in the same house for a long time affects the way we perceive our interior decor: sometimes our rooms

Workplace lighting: its effect on employees productivity

March 27, 2018

It is known that lighting has a huge effect on humans and their health. Since most of us spend much

Wall sconces, where and why use them

March 21, 2018

Wall sconces are anywhere in a house these days:  in large rooms as secondary light source, in hallways to break

Gathering around the table: turning your kitchen from functional to cozy

March 20, 2018

Kitchen functionality is evolving based on today’s lifestyle. Our memories of family gatherings around the table for quality time and

Alameda, eating in the woods

March 14, 2018

Alameda is Spanish for poplar grove, but it is often used to describe any shaded tree-lined boulevard, however, in this

The perfect Christmas table

The perfect Christmas table

December 13, 2017

  However you choose to label Christmas—Xmas, Noel, Yuletide, Chrimbo, Chrissie—and wherever in the world you celebrate the festive season,

Ferry Lights with Lzf

Ferry Lights with Lzf

November 14, 2017

“There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing, as simply messing about in boats.”   Kenneth

The magic of Koi

The magic of Koi

November 8, 2017

LZF’s singular life-size collection represents a remarkable feat of design, craftsmanship and technical innovation. In many ways, LZF’s three life-size

Big brands see the light

Big brands see the light

September 20, 2017

As consumers and employees, we increasingly demand and expect more of retail, hospitality and work environments. Correspondingly, we have seen

White walls and fresh air

White walls and fresh air

August 24, 2017

If you’ve ever watched Grand Designs on TV, you’ll know it takes a lot of guts to embark on the

Ming House in Monterrey

Ming House in Monterrey

August 3, 2017

If you ever travel to Monterrey, Mexico´s third largests city, there are two things that are not to be missed.

Cool Californian Beach House

Cool Californian Beach House

July 20, 2017

Sonny and Cher, once had a beach house in Oxnard, California. So too did Dave Grohl from Nirvana/Foo Fighters, and

LZF’s Link raises the bar in Boston

LZF’s Link raises the bar in Boston

July 19, 2017

When chef Colin Lynch opened Bar Mezzana in Boston’s thriving South End neighbourhood, he had one mission: to offer his

The beauty of natural

The beauty of natural

July 5, 2017

‘If only life were that simple…’ A hackneyed phrase, yet one we have all doubtless uttered at one time or

Colour Matters (II): Colour, Interiors and Lighting

Colour Matters (II): Colour, Interiors and Lighting

June 6, 2017

  In the second of two articles on colour, we explore its use in interior schemes and lighting. Across the

How light affects mood

How light affects mood

March 14, 2017

Mood is perhaps best described as a frame of mind. Our mood is susceptible to various environmental, emotional, psychological and

How can architecture link humans and nature?

March 6, 2017

‘Architecture has to sit lightly on the land, yet also become a part of it.’ This quote by the Newfoundland-born

Lighting the dining experience

February 22, 2017

Question: What is the one extra special ingredient that will add spice to an intimate dinner setting, embellish an everyday

LZF Lamps | LZF Escape Provides a Choice Pick for Hospitality Lighting

Aesthetic Sensibility: LZF Provides Choice Hospitality Lighting

February 14, 2017

In the past several years, this writer has noticed a significant increase in the importance of good lighting choices for

LZF Lamps | LZF Spiro spins its charm in Bucharest

LZF Spiro Spins its charm in Bucharest

February 3, 2017

For weary urbanites, home is often a sanctuary from the madcap and manic city. Stepping across the threshold and into

LZF Lamps | Let the Light Greet You | Lobby Lighting

Let the Light Greet You: LZF Lobby Lighting

January 27, 2017

From hotels to public buildings and corporate headquarters, the lobby is often used to make an entrance—to impress and inspire

LZF Lamps | Sensory and Emotional Design: LZF Pod and Poppy Pendants at Emocions Restaurant, Barcelona

Sensory and Emotional Design: LZF ’s Pod and Poppy Pendants in Emocions Restaurant, Barcelona

January 20, 2017

This project by Barcelona-based DyD Interiorismo Chelo Alcañiz, is known as ‘Emocions Restaurant’ (and forms part of the leisure complex

LZF Lamps | LZF and Gaston y Daniela come together in beachside project

LZF and Gaston y Daniela come Together in Beachside Project

January 13, 2017

2016 will go down as the year that the world reached ‘Peak Ray Power’, with the Irish designer’s gorgeous lamps

LZF Lamps | The Offices of Burkhard Dammer featuring I-Cliub and Cuad pendants

LZF & Burkhard Dämmer: A Perfect Design Combination

December 27, 2016

German-born Burkhard Dämmer is a man with a passion for good design. Whether it’s a light, a corkscrew, a balcony

LZF Lamps | The importance of healthcare lighting

The Importance of Healthcare Lighting

December 9, 2016

Time and time again, healthcare facilities underrate the evident potential of light in healthcare interior design to positively impact a

LZF Lamps | LZF’s Super Gea is the Crowning Glory in a Brooklyn Townhouse Renovation | Lauren Rubin Architecture

LZF ’s Super Gea is the Crowning Glory in a Brooklyn Townhouse Renovation

December 2, 2016

The Gea pendant is invariably an appealing and amiable light. A Super Gea (large suspension) finished in beech, crowns the

LZF Lamps | Totem pendant lamp | Showroom GD

One of Madrid’s most beautiful showrooms embraces its Totemic roots, thanks to LZF

November 25, 2016

A totem is a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people,