At El Mimbre Bakery & Coffee in Fuengirola, a town on Spain’s Costa del Sol, classic breads are served in a contemporary setting with a traditional twist. Designed by Lícua, a Málaga-based interior and graphic design studio, the bakery and coffee shop’s interior blends modern fittings and fixtures with a nod to the region’s traditional materials: terrazzo, porcelain, and marble. The result is a smart, inviting space, that imbues warmth and character through its design, together with the tempting aromas of fresh bread and coffee.

The exterior and interior of El Mimbre Bakery & Coffee in Fuengirol. Designed by Lícua, the space blends traditional and contemporary materials and styles.

El Mimbre Bakery & Coffee combines the functional aspects of a busy shop with an aesthetically pleasing disposition. When creating the interior, Lícua considered the importance of ambience and light—the studio chose several lighting styles, including LZF’s Swirl pendant.

LZF’s Swirl pendant. Designed by Ray Power.

The elegant Swirl, with its eddying and whirling folds, is both a soulful and visually appealing lamp. Designed by Ray Power, the handmade Swirl is a perfect example of LZF’s ability to manipulate wood veneer, resulting in an eye-catching design. At El Mimbre Bakery & Coffee, the cloud-like Swirls float overhead, their soft light helping to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Swirl is handmade using natural wood veneer.

Wood touched by light.

El Mimbre was first established in Málaga in 1974, by Juan Rubio Valenzuela. A traditional family bakery, the company has since expanded, with a number of shops in Málaga and the bakery in Fuengirola. With an emphasis on making quality, organic breads, El Mimbre describes its approach as a ‘fusion between tradition and the avant-garde’. This fusion is reflected in its newly designed Fuengirola bakery and coffee shop, with its inviting mix of regional materials and modern-day designs.

Photography © Juanan Barros.