Bucolic, warm and natural. These are the sensations you get the first time you see the pictures for the new LZF Lamps catalogue. These images exalt many elements from the Costa Brava and the Mediterranean regions, like colors, food, textures and of course, the forms of our lamps. LZF creative goddess, Marivi Calvo wanted to recreate, with this location, the warmth of being at home and the simple pleasures of life.





The shooting took place in the fascinating Casa en l’Empordà, in Girona, Spain, which helped us create an ideal ambience for the lamps. But the magic behind the camera was also necessary; that’s why we counted with the sensitive and precise sight of photographer, Jara Varela, and the art direction of our long time collaborator Emilio, from Lekuona Studio.





In production, Marivi’s person on the ground Adrian M. Almonacid took care of every detail adding imagination and beauty to the photo shoot, The LZF Events team, lead by lighting specialist Vasileios Pappas, was there to make sure that every went smoothly in setting up and pulling down the variety of sets created. Thanks also go out to Ion Dragos Bauer and Florian Cojocaru of the LZF events team for their muscles and patience.







We could say we are really happy and excited with the results and we hope to astonish you with the fantastic stories of wood and light that will come from this successful shoot.