It’s not easy to find excellent designers who can help us satisfy our customers’ necessities, but we are lucky to have those talents nearby with certain designers who have always given us their best and who have become part of the LZF family. Burkhard Dämmer is a great example of a designer who is tuned in with our goals and thoughts and who has helped us to create a wide range of successful lighting products.

Burkhard’s profile is impressive and very attractive in the design world: Initially beginning his work life as a cabinet maker he then studied industrial design at the University of FH Darmstadt Germany and later at the University of San Jose in California. Apart from his designs for LZF, Burkhard has worked for companies such as Adhoc GmbH, Allianz Ag, Arnold Ag, DO-CE Mueble, FDV, Modiss Iluminacion, Radeberger Group, Roof Design, Schöck GmbH, Zwilling AG, and others in the field of lighting, accessories, kitchenware, bathroomware and furniture. He has been awarded many prizes including the IF award, the DesignPlus award, the FORM award, ADI Design Index and CDiM award, and has been widely published in books and magazines.

For Burkhard, design signifies a way of finding good answers for new and old problems through questioning the use, the life and vision of a product. With this philosophy in mind, work with veneer and light is always a special challenge. An intuitive person, Burkhard works very well with head designer at LZF, Marivi Calvo and together they have designed pieces such as the Totem lamp.

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