Last week we received some great news, our Escape lamp is finalist for the Interior Design Best of the Year Awards in the pendant lighting category. With less than one year of life this lamp has been in the sight of many professionals and specialized media around the world.




Ray appeared on the LZF scene in 1997, straight out of Dublin design school with his book under his arm. Initially all we could do was offer him was a job, but that was a start, and through this experience he was able to fully understand our material and form of work. With his background in the study of infinite shapes, Ray has managed to engrave his signature and style on several of our most notable lamps such as the  Air, Link, Nut, Alhambra, and most recently, the Escape.


Ray explains where the idea of his Escape came from: “It’s a composition of cubes tilted on-to their diagonal axis and arranged in such a way that M.C. Escher, the Dutch graphic designer, would be proud. I first composed the idea and knocked it out as a virtual 3D computer drawing but couldn’t fully appreciate it on the monitor. I went on to making a real wood “maquette” and now I find the road ahead with this one is a lot clearer”.


Definitely, the work, the ideas, the love for esthetics and the necessity to design new and effective products are part of Ray’s daily life. We are confident we’ll keep working  together for many years, bringing amazing lighting in beautiful and original shapes.