LZF Day 1-39
Every day around the world a whole bunch of professionals offer, and seek to place our products into design jobs, be they offices, hospitals, libraries, hotels, bars, restaurants, banks, public buildings, schools and universities. The feeling of seeing one of these jobs makes us feel immensely proud, and through this series of publications, we would like to introduce you to the people behind the specs who actively and daily try to make other people’s surroundings a better place to work and live in.
NAME: Felicia Hyde
COMPANY: H. Hendy Associates“, California, USA.
POSITION:  I have been with H. Hendy Associates since 2004 as a Design Director. I have worked as an Interior Architect designing commercial space since 1985. In 2010 I designed my first luxury apartment building and was hooked. I started a studio that solely focuses on luxury apartments. I love it and am also planning to expand into doing boutique hotels. I love what I do and get really excited about each and every project. And can’t wait for the opportunity to use some LZF lamps!”
Candelabro Lamp, by Lzf Lamps
“The trip to LZF factory in Valencia was so incredible and so much more than I expected. I had used a fixture on a project in multiple locations, and I felt they were unique. But, going to the factory and being able to see all the fixtures up close to see the scale and detail was just what I needed. 
Also, I am appreciative they are on top of our codes in California, this sets them apart from other manufacturers. I am always looking for unique lighting to showcase my projects, your pieces fit the bill, and I cannot wait to use them. BB, Sandro and the team are beautiful people, and I am so glad to have gotten to know them and to hear their story. I love everything about LZF, the team, the product and the incredible attention to detail they put into their product. BRAVO LZF”
Felicia Hyde at Lzf´s Factory
LZF Day 1-38