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Ferry Lights with Lzf

November 14, 2017 12:31 pm Published by

“There is nothing absolutely nothing half so much worth doing, as simply messing about in boats.”   Kenneth Graham 

And LZF thoroughly agrees with Mr Graham. We also love messing about in boats. Well, not such much messing about, as making Ferry lights appear like gorgeous lanterns, floating peacefully over the ocean waves.  
We achieved such a feat quite recently, when approached to supply our wonderful wood veneer lamps for the Spirit of Tasmania

Between Melbourne and Devonport

The Spirit of Tasmania crosses one of the wildest stretches of ocean in the world Bass Strait  ferrying people to and from the mainland and Tassie. We set about capturing a little of Tasmania’s spirit ourselves, tapping into its natural landscape, and pioneering ethos. 
Tasmania is known for its artisan woodworkers, and old growth forests. Our handmade lamps also reflect a passion for craftsmanship and wood, making them a perfect choice for the entertaining decks of Tasmania’s signature ferry. Take a look at the images below and we’re sure you’ll agree. We particularly love the use of  Spiro suspension lamps in the lounge area. 
Designed by the hyper-talented Remedios Simón, the Spiro is nod to the Op Art genre of the 1960s. Similar to Op Art, Spiro plays with the physiology and psychology of human perception, its charm utterly irresistible.
Spirit of Tasmania sails between Melbourne and Devonport

Spirit of Tasmania sails between Melbourne and Devonport

Gea and Pleg lamps in Spirit of Tasmania

Gea and Pleg lamps in Spirit of Tasmania

Spiro lamp, available in six outer shell versions (cherrywood or red veneer, large acrylic white or black, medium acrylic white or black)

Stena Line’s Ferry-Ross Highland

The Spirit of Tasmania isn’t our only venture into the maritime world. We also supplied lamps to the Stena Line’s Ferry-Ross Highland. Stena Line chose from our ever popular range of X-Clubs and I-Clubs (designed by the amazingly Teutonic Burkhard Dammer) to give their ferry a thoroughly contemporary appearance. The Club series features minimalist architectural lines and is just at home on the high seas as the high street. 
Also featured is the Saturnia pendant, designed by Oskar Cerezo, and inspired by Saturn’s system of planetary rings. 
Lzf Lamps in Stena Ferry

Not only boats

Not all of our maritime projects are actual boats. Take a look at the floating bar we helped illuminate for the F1 VIP area in Valencia. Our LINK floor lamps, created by Ray Power, comprise stacked wood veneer Mobius strips. We feel that the LINK’s billowy cloud-like form evokes the notion of being suspended in time and space.
Or a sail drifting across the sea. 
 By Stephen Lacey 

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