Fiona Corneau LZF Super Agent

Fiona Corneau is  Global Lighting Super agent 001. The fist to be posted and a great professional who we had the pleasure to meet on the recent Superagnet tour. Eight of the best agents from the USA came to visit our installations recently, creating a undeniable bond which we hope to enjoy long into the future. Read, in her own words, the experience she had on her visit.

I live in Hallifax, New Scotia … This trip has been a very emotional trip. I’ve done a lot of factory tours, but nothing ever like this. And everything from the time that we left with the group of people that were chosen to go, everybody matched really well. We’ve been welcomed and treated so well since we came here.

The LZF factory is so different from what I had in my mind. It’s just seems like lovely place to work. Having seen how they build the lamps and the people that make them, it feels like a family here.

The LZF Lamps are warm. Wood it’s a very unusual an unique material for lamps. It’s beautiful.

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