Last year’s campaign had an incredible audiovisual support that allowed us to create that jazzy mixture of music and light in just one medium, and produce a flashback to all that funky animation from the 50’s and 60’s.

The original design concept was a result of a late night brainstorming session between Marivi Calvo, Sandro Tothill and Lekuona Studio. As often happens, the three of us begin throwing ideas out until one sticks. This time it was grafik design from the 50’s & 60’s special in the field of record covers. Emilio took this idea back to Barcelona and started working the concept with motion graphics guru Oriol Gil  from own studio and the music we of course commissioned to Rithma.

It just so ended up to be the perfect combination of efforts  that ended up in a campaign that received several mentions and won two of the main international awards, The Red Dot prize and the Good Design prize. Last years campaign became the prologue for the new 2014 campaign, known as Stereovision.