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LZF and the one that didn’t get away.

Jesus made fishing look easy: cast a whopping big net into the Sea of Galilee and pull in a heaving load of silvery sardines and tilapia. Next have your disciples cook it for you over some hot coals. Simple.

But for most of us nowadays, fishing is really boring; you stand around for hours and hours waiting for a bite, and small-minded people wander past you asking the same inane question: caught anything yet? 

This is why we like to leave the boring stuff to people who enjoy having their minds numbed. We’d much rather dine out at an elegant seafood restaurant instead and let someone else do all the hard work.

One establishment we’ll be sure to visit during our next trip to Belgium is LoveFish. Located right down near the waterfront in Antwerp, LoveFish is our new go-to place for everything from bisque to beer-battered fish.

And LZF along with Belgian home team  Dark is LoveFish’s go-to place when it comes to beautiful illumination.

LoveFish chose the Escape lamp by Irish designer Ray Power for the décor of its restaurant. Power’s enigmatic tumbling dominos of light are the perfect choice for the space; a subtle hint of gleaming scales, or the cleverly woven fish traps of the distant past.

Suspended in a linear fashion above the dining area, we think the shining white Escapes add a certain je ne sais pas to the space.

But perhaps we’re just fishing for compliments…

lzf-wood-escape-lamp-love fish-restaurant-03 lzf-wood-escape-lamp-love-fish-restaurant-02 lzf-wood-escape-lamp-love-fish-restaurant-04 lzf-wood-escape-lamp-love-fish-restaurant-05 lzf-wood-escape-lamp-love-fish-restaurant-06