Wombats rule

Here at LZF we absolutely love wombats, with several of our team subscribing to a strange little magazine called Wombat Monthly. And what’s not to love about a squat, plump creature that digs enormous burrows (some up to 30 metres long) and lives only in Australia?

Pre-Raphaelite painter and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti was also a big fan of wombats. In fact he had a pet one called Top that he described as: “a joy, a triumph, a delight, a madness.”

This is why we were so excited to be enlisted to supply lighting for the lounge and reception area of Wombat’s City Hostel, Berlin where we were asked to supply clusters of GEAS (by the gorgeous Marivi) and SATURNIAS (Oskar Cerezo).

As you can see from the photographs, the lamps look quite spectacular insitu; helping the Wombat City Hostel become a much classier establishment than the hostels we remember from our past.

Indeed, the last time we stayed in a hostel it had dodgy plumbing and 20 bunks to a room.  German backpackers were listening to the God-awful  Ace of Base, wearing Bintang Beer T-shirts, and chatting about  the woven leather bracelets they picked up from a trip to Thailand.

Anyway, Wombat City Hostel, Berlin, thank you for choosing  the wombat-loving staff at LZF to help you shine a light on travellers from around the globe.

lzf-wood-lamp-gea-contract-hostal-wombats lzf-wood-lamps-gea-contract-hostal-berlin lzf-wood-lamps-gea-contract-hostal-wombats