A few weeks ago we had the honour of receiving Guo Yiming, Senior Editor of Indesign Media, China at our installations, interviewing LZF designer Miguel Herranz.



Indesign Media represents several big names in design magazines, Interior Design China being one of them.

The interview, which took place after a short factory tour, was on the third floor of the LZF installations in Valencia Spain.








After struggling with English to begin with, we were thrilled to discover that “Jimmy” spoke fluent Italian, making communication between editor and designer suddenly very simple.
Miguel spoke of his concept of “ordered chaos“, a conceptual tool which he applies to his work in order to generate sculptural, sensual, serene and singular products using a mathematical and simple production. having dubbed the process as having “no methodology”, “ordered chaos” takes on an anarchical approach to creating instruments for real solutions, through observing the three cores involved in all projects: culture, industry and society.




Each of these cores are composed by an infinite number of interlocking concepts, with hints and overlaps, forming a mesh of connections linking these within a closed circuit. The Mikado, and Anfora lamps are perfect examples of this concept.


We would like to thank Both Miguel and Yiming for their time and hope this little article serves as a souvenir of their visit.