LZF at Light&Building.


From March 30 to April 4 LZF was present at the industry’s reference trade fair with a mise en scène that took us directly to the essence of their products with the presentation of “LZF/Stereovision”. It was a very popular celebration with a very positive atmosphere full of new ideas and approaches which will no doubt be at the center of the work of LZF in the near future.


LZF’s stand was the backdrop for the presentation of the new collection. Its most significant lamp models and the latest novelties were accompanied by a new graphic image and by the corresponding soundtrack. All this took place in an atmosphere created and thought to through the very last detail for months at “home”, i.e. at the LZF facilities. Among the new models especially worth mentioning are the multi purpose lectern Asterisco and the new, smaller version of Domo. The spectacular Custom Canopies were at the center of the presentation. These lamp groupings  displayed a series of variations and solutions of how the installation of a grouping of lamps can be simplified. The Plug & Play system is designed to achieve fidelity within the whole of the installation, reduce the ceiling fitting points to a minimum and provide for a very simple way of  connecting it to the power supply.


Furthermore visitors had the opportunity of interacting with the innovative dimming system which from now on is available as a remote control operated device for LZF lamps of the fluorescent T5 series. All of LZF’s novelties on display in Frankfurt have met a very positive echo by visitors, so that the company has returned from the trade fair with a feeling of great satisfaction and the certainty that their philosophy and their product range offers a fresh solution to many of customer’s tastes and expectations.


LZF’s visit to Frankfurt also served the purpose of introducing Monika Oechsle, the company’s new commercial agent for Germany, as well as Dark, the company’s new partner for Belgium and France. The three countries are markets where LZF will be concentrating their international marketing efforts during 2014.


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