Here’s stereo at its finest to fit every budget. Listen and hear the exciting difference in the music you love when it is brought to you by LZF’s full-dimensional Stereovision!

Hot off the presses, the Stereovision EP is what all the hep-cats in town will be partying to this year.

Close your eyes…and be swept away by a new brilliance…a realism so gripping that when the last note finally releases you from its spell, you’ll wonder why no one else is applauding.

Open your eyes…and discover that this wonderful adventure in stereo can be yours for far less than you ever dreamed possible.

Because LZF brings you stereo at its finest.



This is a seriously cool experience. From the stylised ‘Blue Note’ graphics design covers (created by grooving Emilio Lecuona) to the stunning music of LA based producer Etienne Stehelin (aka Rithma).

LZF co-founder Sandro Tothill has taken time out to relax to the music with a little ‘whisky and sofa’.

“Etienne has this wonderful ability of capturing sound in the same way we attempt to catch light and give it something interesting and different,” Sandro says.

Marivi says she’s hoping that Stereovision follows on from the resounding success of LZF’s last album: Hi-Fidelity; a marketing campaign that heralded two Red Dot Awards and rave reviews on the hit parade.

“We saw this year’s collection as a natural evolution from Hi-Fidelity to Sterovision,” Sandro says. “In the same way you can go from mono to stereo, we decided to go from black and white to colour; Emilio has bought out a whole new set of colour graphics to accompany the models of the Stereovision collection.”

The new EP comprises remixes of the original Hi-Fidelity tracks. Stereovision is given away in a double CD set along with the first album.  “Now we have a CD for the office, and one for the office party,” says Marivi.

“I really hope you enjoy this double CD. Thank you Etienne and Emilio. And thank you Marivi for the wonderful marketing concepts we work on together, it’s a real team effort. We bounce ideas off each other and come to great conclusions.”

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