LZF_Lamps_Wood_Touched_by _light_Totem_Link_Pendant_Lights_Hilton_Hotel_Helsinki_1

Has there ever been a cooler indie pop band than Architecture in Helsinki? Even the name is cool. And a little deceiving, because the band is actually from Melbourne, Australia.

What has all this got to do with LZF’s latest project? Well, the name reminded us of this incredible project we were lucky to be involved in, in  Helsinki. Very Cool.

Our job was to provide the lighting to our frinds at Doos Architects so as to ‘make super elegant’ the restaurant space at the Hotel Hilton Helsinki Strand, Finland. Selling elegance to the Finns is quite a coup for us, considering this was the country that gave the world the likes of Alvar Aalto and Eero Saarinen.

LZF_Lamps_Wood_Touched_by _light_Totem_Link_Pendant_Lights_Hilton_Hotel_Helsinki_2

So we were understandably chuffed to be invited by Doos Architects to weave our wooden magic at the hotel’s restaurant BRO (and there’s another cool name). The restaurant’s philosophy is that the best design in the world comes from nature, and this is strongly reflected not just in BRO’s cuisine, but in the stunning interiors by Doos and the lighting they installed.

Our handmade wood lamps work seamlessly with the Scandinavian natural aesthetic and the Finn’s appreciation of beautiful timber. Unable to decide on just one of our lamps, the Doos chose to use four. The most dominant are the mind-blowingly statuesque Totems by Burkhard Dammer and our own Marivi Calvo. These are undoubtedly the highlight of the space and take full advantage of the towering ceilings and full height glazing.

Burkhard’s popular Pods and Poppies were also used to great effect, and what would a project be these days without the appearance of Ray Power’s ever popular Link? On this occasion the Doos selected the Link as a floor lamp, showing just how versatile a piece of design it really is.

LZF_Lamps_Wood_Touched_by _light_Totem_Link_Pendant_Lights_Hilton_Hotel_Helsinki_3