Marbella, Spain, holiday home to the rich and famous from around the world. Millionaires, sheiks, movie stars and football players and a collection of stunning villas overlooking the mediterranean sea. The photo shoot Marbella is all thanks to the generosity of a lovely couple who lent us their home to make it our home during three long days of photographic sessions. This incredible example of canter levered modern architecture became a gigantic set where Marivi Calvo & Emilio Lekuona worked their magic in order to create a series of photos that covered what LZF looks like in a more minimalist style environment. The villa, designed by Joaquin Torres, defies gravity while sharing the enormity of its open spaces and reminds us of the types of fantastic architonic creations we used to see in James Bond films.

Enjoy the magic of this session and how well LZF works with the enormity of this location.




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