On thursday the 15th a group of six wonderful people visited our fabrica in Chiva, Valencia.
The visit, organized by RED, gave representatives of six top US design firms the opportunity to come to Spain and tour the installations of the participating companies, all of which represent the best of Spanish design.

Apart from them all being amazing professionals in the field of interior design in the USA, we were able to simply enjoy the human company of a lovely group of people here in our garden.

The “arroz negro” cooked in situ by our local Master Chef , Rafeal Margos of “Las Bairetas” restaurant here in chiva, made for a delicious accompaniment to our relaxed encounter. This is our little thank you note to all of you who made this encounter possible, it was a pleasure having you at our home, we hope that we can do this again some time !!

Love from Lzf.