We are thrilled to announce that we have been nominated for 3 German Design Awards for 2017. Our Dandelion pendant by Burkhard Dammer, New Wave pendant by Ray Power and the Swirl pendant also by Ray Power were selected by the German Design Council to be eligible for the top prize.

The German Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany is the official design and most prestigious award for Germany, presented by the German Ministry for Economics and Technology. The award was first awarded in 1969 and thereafter every two years.

LZF Lamps | German Design Awards | Nomination 2016 Dandelion pendant by Burkhard Dammer

Dandelion can be considered as one single lamp or a combination of lamps by  Burkhard Dammer. Inside, every cone several LED circuits are hidden. These can be lit up all at once or by sections to meet the requirements of the room or time of day.

Outside, the LZF wood veneer, geometrical arranged, cones sinking at different depths into the heart of Dandelion resulting in a very original lamp, a geometric puzzle of light which resembles one of the most basic forms of life.

LZF Lamps | German Design Awards | Nomination 2016 Swirl pendant by Ray Power

The Swirl is an ingenious new suspension lamp designed by Ray Power. With a shape that is both studied and sculptural, Swirl strikes a handsome profile from every angle. At once elegant and enigmatic, Swirl excites the eye with its eddying and whirling folds, their twisting twirl a sensuous feat.

LZF Lamps | German Design Awards | Nomination 2016 New Wave pendant by Ray Power

New Wave, by Irish born Ray Power is composed of two parallel rectangular wood panels, one set inside the other, creating sinuous, natural curves which produce an effect of solidity and achieve a light, elegant structural balance. Moreover, the inside/outside contrast is enhanced by the different colours of the inner/outer veneers, thus adding a new range of nuances and possibilities to the LZF catalogue.