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LZF Pendant Lighting Enriches Scandinavian Design Fusion, Brooklyn

September 18, 2015 11:19 am Published by

Link Suspension lamp | Wooden Lights by LZF

We are not usually fans of things fusion: Think of the ramen burger, Italian burrito, sushi tacos, and God help us the tandoori pizza. Sofa beds are another example of fusion…they are awkward looking contraptions that are hellishly uncomfortable as both a sofa and a bed.

But we have to admit, we kinda love when Scandinavian country meets NYC groove. As was the case with this President Street Residence in Brooklyn, created by the insanely talented Sherry Kalita and Alex Korsgaard Kalita from Common Bond Design.

The Kalita duo have taken the clean white Scandinavian aesthetic as an interior backdrop to showcase the local and exotic bohemian objet d’art the owners of the home have collected over the years.

So we’ll see a lacquered Chinese armoire juxtaposed beside a contemporary sofa, a classic Tivoli radio and a rustic box ‘bar’ of craft whisky and gin.

Into the eclectic mix add some pendant lighting, specifically one super sexy handmade LZF wooden light, the Link Suspension Lamp by the Irish design maestro Ray Power and you have one very gorgeous living space.

Take a look at the images below and you’ll have to agree with us that this particular fusion is a lot more successful than a seafood ice-cream. The Natural Beech veneer is Scandinavian 101, while the funky form of stacked Mobius strips makes a statement that is impossible to ignore, even when it is switched off.

The LINK is rapidly becoming one of LZF’s most popular wooden lights. Apart from its obvious good looks, we think a lot of the attraction is the fact it is so damn versatile…looking just as magnificent hung over a dining table as over a bed. It also works just as successfully in an ultramodern setting as in a more traditional abode. This versatility and the fact that there’s nothing else quite like it on the market makes for a lamp that is taking the design world by storm.

Sure beats mushroom ravioli with korma sauce.

Source List

Pendant Light: LZF Link Pendant – Large (Beech)
Sofa: Gus Modern Flip Sofa Bed
Table lamp: Blu Dot Flask Table Lamp
Console Table: TOO by Blu Dot for Target
Cowhide Rug: Longhorn Brown Cowhide XL, Rawhide Company
Coffee table and side table: Carved wood antiques from Singapore (family heirloom)
Armoir: Chinese Antique
Brooklyn Bridge Poster via Art.com

Tivoli Model One Radio (Walnut)
Wire Prism Wall Art
A-Treat Beverage Crate (vintage, no longer available)
Painting: Clearing by Benna Holden, via Artsicle
Horn Candlestick Holders (purchased in Argentina)
Brooklyn Poster by Ork (Royal Navy)
Custom pillows by SimplyMadeSpaces (via Etsy) in Knoll Mod Plaid 

Written by freelance journalist Stephen Lacey

Photography by  Biz Jones

LZF | Common Bond Design - President Street #1LZF | Common Bond Design - President Street #1

LZF | Common Bond Design - President Street #1 LZF | Common Bond Design - President Street #1

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