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Lzf’s clouds, lamp clusters and constellations

January 29, 2018 2:57 pm Published by

Throughout history, clouds, lamp clusters and constellations have inspired the human mind, exciting our imagination and causing us to ponder many of life’s unanswered questions. Moreover, these visible masses, forms and patterns have provided ample creative stimulation to artists and makers all through the years.

At LZF, clouds and lamps clusters are a continual source of inspiration. A number of lights, with their handsome and colourful handmade wood veneer shapes, combine to make an endless array of appealing, cloud-like illuminations. They include: the Pod and Poppy, Link Chain, Escape and Cuad. And the pinnacle: the majestic Candelabro.

Candelabro lamp in white, for a luminous and airy feel.

Candelabro lamp with different wood shade finishes.

The Candelabro is a showpiece—a display of creativity, craftsmanship and technical competence. Designed by Mariví Calvo, this majestic light is expressive of LZF’s penchant for playful forms. Presented as a theatrical cluster of six different LZF designs in tight formation—Agatha, Mikado, Raindrop, Totem, Pod and Poppy—the Candelabro light is also embellished with several golden birds.

Pod and Poppy lamps can be hung at the same height or at different heights, creating different atmospheres.

For simple cloud formations, though no less dramatic or pleasing, LZF’s Pod and Poppy lights are ideal. Without ostentation, these lights make striking clusters when hung at differing heights and aesthetically pleasing cloud-like canopies when suspended in linear succession.

A trio of Cuad lamps for a mid-century modern interior.

For a truly contemporary cluster, with echoes of mid-century modern style, the Cuad lamp is the perfect luminaire. When arranged side by side, the Cuad’s strong form is accentuated, its expression both sharp and elegant. LZF’s Escape pendant is another light whose winsome design lends itself to imaginative cloud and cluster arrangements. And the billowy Link Chain, with its obvious cloud-like appearance, floats effortlessly above and in columns.

A sky of Escape suspension lamps.

Our Link Chain lamps used as a wall and as a cluster, taking advantage of ultra-high ceilings.

In order to ensure lamp clusters hang with poise and good deportment, ceiling canopies—‘canopy constellations’—are essential. Tailor-made in a range of shapes, leather upholstered wooden ceiling canopies will conceal multiple electrical and hanging points. As such, they are just right for boardrooms and lobbies, or simply to make a statement. Canopy constellations are also dimmer-friendly (and pair with modern commercial and home automation systems), thus ensuring that LZF’s light clouds and clusters will always provide the perfect ambience.

Text by Gerard Mc Guickin @WalnutGrey

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