At LZF, the approach to lighting design and development is thorough. By combining craftsmanship, technological innovation, know-how, and aesthetic sensibility, LZF strives to ensure its lamps are suited to a range of environments. The world of hospitality is just one of the many settings in which LZF’s lamps can be found.

LZF’s collection of handmade, wood veneer lights work to emphasise the warmth and character of a space. In a hospitality setting—a restaurant, cafe or bar for example—light plays a central role in creating the best ambience for a given space. When using wood veneer in lighting design, a key attribute is the light’s attractive translucent aspect. When illuminated, the wood veneer heightens the atmosphere of a room: it will positively influence mood, help to stimulate conversation, and create moments of intimacy. LZF’s lamps are human-centred, functional, and emotional. The natural wood veneer adds to a sense of comfort and well-being, increasing positivity and personal connection with a space.

LZF’s lamps have been specified for use in a number of recent hospitality projects.

Koi and the convent

In the French port of Toulon, LZF’s life-size Koi is suspended like a celestial being in a former 15th century Capuchin convent, now a gourmet restaurant. In creating the restaurant, its chef, Nicolas, chose to work with noble materials when restoring the erstwhile convent. The carefully crafted interior is complemented by the culinary art that Nicolas creates with each plate.

The Koi is designed by Inocuo The Sign and Mariví Calvo. Photo via Maxppp.

Photo via Maxppp.

Carambola and the Golden Arches

At a well-known fast-food behemoth, LZF’s Carambola pendant creates a pleasing ambience throughout the newly reimagined space. This project by global design consultancy UXUS, transforms the fast-food establishment from a ‘ubiquitous 20th-century icon into a personalised 21st-century experience that speaks to diverse ages and needs.’

Designed by Oskar Cerezo, the Carambola takes its distinctive name from the carambola fruit, also called star fruit. Photo via UXUS.

Photo via UXUS.

Domo, Black Note Triplet, and the World of Wine

WOW—World of Wine—is a new cultural district in the Portuguese city of Porto. In a place that was once home to countless barrels of Port wine, old cellars have been renovated and rebuilt, and now house WOW. The district is home to a number of museums, restaurants, shops, and a wine school. The Root & Vine vegetarian restaurant at WOW is both charming and rustic, and includes LZF’s Domo and Black Note Triplet lamps.

Domo (left) was designed by Rqr Studio; the Black Note Triplet (right) was designed by Ramón Esteve. Photo by Henar Langa on Unsplash.

Domo in Root & Vine. Photo by Henar Langa on Unsplash.

Swirl and the bar

LZF’s Swirl lamp highlights the breezy, art deco-like bar at the Protur Naisa Palma hotel.

Swirl was designed by Ray Power. Photo © Protur Naisa Palma hotel.

Suns and sushi

In a restaurant setting, noise can be dampened by using acoustic ceiling installations. Suns is a new decorative panel from LZF that acts to break sound and diffuse light. Available in three sizes, the Suns panels are especially striking in Valencia’s new Kaido sushi bar.

Suns at Kaido sushi bar. Suns was designed by Mikiya Kobayashi.