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The new LZF website opens a door to a world of lighting wonder

November 24, 2017 10:55 am Published by

Delve deep into LZF’s refreshed and revamped website and discover a world of handsome, handmade wood lighting. One of LZF’s key strengths lies in its ability to envelope light, capturing its essence across a series of wood veneer lamps. Another key strength lies in LZF’s capacity to present every lamp in a vibrant, winning manner. With a new website, LZF offers a pleasing panorama of its entire collection.

The LZF lighting collection is extensive, consisting of suspension, wall, table, ceiling and floor lamps. 

Clicking on COLLECTION’, you will find a vast array of lighting shapes and sizes, pictured in natural wood colours. 
Exploring further—by clicking on any lamp image—you’ll discover a number of striking photographs that capture the lamp in different veneer colours, up close and in situ—it’s a great way to think about how and where the light in question could work in your given context. There is also a new facility to view the lamp in both its on’ and off’ state, giving you a true, magical sense of the natural beauty of wood grain. An insightful description alongside designer, award and spec details, complete the informative overview of each lamp. Moreover, you can choose your country in order to see the precise lamping information.
Selecting BRAND’, you will find a greater insight into LZF’s cool, colourful and collaborative world. From reading materials to imagery, you’ll feel that little bit more connected to LZF’s honest values and creative vision. 
Clicking on SOUNDS’, you can enjoy chilled beats by Rithma Music, created for LZF’s award-winning High Fidelity campaign. And VIDEOS’ showcase LZF’s many wares and feats in action. Finally, the LZF LAMPS BLOG offers views and reviews, as well as LZF’s eclectic take on the world.
In all, the new LZF website is the perfect portal—a virtual door to a world of lighting wonder. Prepare to be amazed.
By Gerard McGuickin

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