Asterisco by Cuatro Cuatros for LZF

A fun, practical light that really makes a statement. In fact, its presence is so punctuating that the studio decided to call it “Asterisco”. Its clever integration with a lectern allows the user to use it as a prop for books, iPads, photographs etc. and like an asterisk, the lamp allows you to make footnotes on the lectern. Asterisco is an ideal solution for restaurants, lobbies, just being next to the phone to take notes, hotels, hospitals, anywhere you need to prop something up, and for it to be visible.







Domo by Rqr studio for LZF

The seventies was a great decade for the invention of dome shaped objects, like the transparent dome umbrella, the dome hat with those round orange sunglasses incorporated into it; but what we most cherish from this decade is the dome of silence from the TV. series Get Smart. When the designers, Rqr Studio, brought this design to us, we just had to have it, in memory of agent 86.