A bit of Lzf Lamps’ history….

A trip in time. A glimpse towards the past. A tribute to all those little jazz clubs and beat culture.

A brush stroke of Hunter S. Thompson’s words mixed with a pinch of the opening credits of many a classic movie.

An audiovisual piece full of nostalgia but mixed with the modernity of the shadow play that LZF brings with their lamps for 2013’s campaign.

Enjoy the High Fidelity campaign video that, Marivi Calvo, Sandro Tothill and LekuonaStudio in the creative direction, Oriol Gil in the Motion Graphics and Rithma in the music, have brought to you.


A campaign that takes care of the multi-sensorial aesthetics from the beginning to end. The musical rhythms and the graphic design unite with each lamp to form a compilation that embodies the spirit of the collection. Their presentation features an outstanding quartet made up of music, graphic design, motion graphics and products.

12 songs, 12 album covers, 12 posters, 12 almanac pages and 12 animations to accompany 12 lamps. In a tribute to the iconic album covers of sixties jazz records and the popular soundtrack themes of the 70s, LZF harnessed a whole array of forces in a new creative fresh campaign.

In a sense, music has always been part of LZF’s DNA and has accompanied them from the very beginning. But never before had they brought their lamps together with music in such an explicit, conscious and deliberate manner. At last, the  “High Fidelity” collection provided them with the opportunity to pay this long overdue tribute.

The album covers in High Fidelity Campaign, by Lzf Lamps