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A seasons change: update your lighting

June 22, 2018 7:39 am Published by

Summer is upon us in the northern hemisphere and the new season brings longer days, with more natural light. With the extra hours of sunlight, we tend to shift away from using as much indoor lighting (certainly much less than we will use in those darker winter months). But with the summer sun, should we forget about lighting altogether?


In summer we simply adjust our habits and make use of light in different ways. There are several tips we can share:
Change the colour of your lighting

With longer days we are much less reliant on lighting in the home. But as night falls, we can ease into those late hours with a soft, cosy light.

Warm light bulbs will cast a soothing glow, helping us to relax and wind down before sleep.

Warm lights feel much more natural in late summer evenings as they work with our circadian rhythmthe biological process our body follows in order to let us know when it’s time to sleep. 
Different rooms, different needs
Different rooms tend to fulfil different needs and functions; lighting can help us to determine a room’s purpose. Yet sometimes we can find ourselves confused about the type of light we actually need, be it warm or cool?
Quite simply, warm lights are perfect for creating a cosy and calm atmosphere in rooms where we tend to relax, spending time with friends and family, and similarly, in the bedroom. 
Conversely, cold light is perfect in rooms such as a bathroom, home office and kitchen: these lights will help us to remain alert and focused, and make tasks much easier to complete. In modern design schemes, cold light will cast a bright, fresh glow. 
LZF dimmable LED lights
At LZF we know that good lighting will help to create the perfect ambience in any space in the home. Working with dimmable LED lights, we can create a range of moods. And by simply using your smartphone—with Bluetooth technology and LZF’s Integrated Dimmable LED lightsyou can dim your lights when needed (amazinge veryone with your technical prowess).
Lighting requirements change with the seasons. With technology and the right choice of light, it is possible to create the ideal atmosphere at any time of year.

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