Stereovision is the logical evolution from High Fidelity once we have incorporated colour to the conceptual references that were originally inspired from B&W movies and the music from the 50’s.

High Fidelity was created in house as a promotional tool to promote our 2013 handmade wood lighting collection. We wanted to pay tribute to a moment in  the history of culture, design, music and architecture known as “Mid Century” which has always mesmerized us due to its originality, its creative and experimental power. It was a moment in time when beauty, elegance, experimentation and innovation were turned into a social phenomenon; a time when very different areas of culture began to dialogue amongst themselves, from design, be it graphic or product design, to architecture, cinema, music, fashion, photography, etc. This dialogue in turn lead to a genuine social transformation of way of living life. It was a time when music and design met on the record covers, when photography and fashion met on the pages of specialized magazines, when cinema opened up to new graphic and musical codes, etc.



In the field of design, this genuine transformation, took place after the fusion of elegant beauty and calm experimentation became a social success. Examples of this successful fusion can be found in the work of designers like, amongst others, Charles and Ray Eames from California, Marco Zanusso from Italy and Charlotte Perriand from France.

With High Fidelity we decided to recreate the style of Cover art from that époque, and to use this style for a new graphic representation of our lamps. Together with Own studio we also produced an animated short-film to be used in the presentation of our collection and thanks to the collaboration of Los Angeles-based music man Rithma we recorded a CD with music inspired by that period of time. This promotional campaign was distinguished with the Red Dot Design 2013 award for the best communication campaign.

Now we present Stereovision, our new communication campaign for 2014, which has been conceived as a natural evolution from High Fidelity. As in history itself, we are keen to continue our dialogue from that inaugural moment of modern living embodied by the culture of the 50’s, a time when the momentum of creative energy came across innovative life-style technologies that became available to everybody. In the field of music we are talking about the invention of stereo; in cinema it’s the appearance of Technicolor.





With the concept of Stereovision it is clear that we wanted to pay tribute to the music and the movies of that period of time that gave us the legacy of some legendary moments of our culture. But at the same time we also wanted to underline something that is at the core of our present day work: the research into new technological possibilities regarding the color and temperature of light that allow us to understand how light contributes to creating the atmospheres we live our lives in.

Stereovision adds color and rhythm to High Fidelity thanks to the edition of a new EP called “Stereovision Relit” with remixed songs by Rithma. This new EP is available as a double CD together with the former album. And there is also a new edition of the cover art as an accompanying presentation for the new designs and the new lamps.