Rings of light have been seen floating over Switzerland recently. Reports say they are the Saturnia lamps installed at the Bison headquarter’s restaurant.




Bison is an IT company based mainly in Sursee, at the Lucerne canton in Switzerland. This company has more than 30 years in the market, but they never stop innovating, even in their buildings. The restaurant, opened for their employees, as well for companies that rent available spaces in the same building, was designed by Herr Bieri from Raumtrend. The whole placed is decked out with a complete installation of saturnia lamps by Oskar Cerezo. The lamps offer movement and life to the white ceilings, creating a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere.

So remember: if you go to Switzerland, just look up at the sky and let us know if the rings of light of our Saturnia lamps are trying to mesmerize you with their beauty.