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COOL DAZE: The reason Astronauts never went back to the Moon

December 11, 2014

Many conspiracy theorists say astronauts never went back to the Moon because there were too many UFOs around. Other people

COOL DAZE: Follow the Frog

December 4, 2014

Sometimes, being extremely altruistic is not the best way to be very helpful. Just watch this funny and amazingly produced

Cool Daze: A-Z of Dance

June 21, 2014

  Imagine if  Bert and Ernie were real. They’d be really impressed learning the  alphabet the way this video by

LZF Lamps: “Company with the best evolution in its international brand distribution” Award

May 28, 2014

    Last week LZF was awarded the “Company with the best evolution in its international brand distribution” last week, by the

Cool Daze: The ownerless dog

May 10, 2014

  Great ideas don’t need to long explanations or big budgets. This campaign by Y&R Mexico, for +Kotas, one of

Cool Daze: A dramatic surprise on a quiet square

January 24, 2014

  A couple of years ago, a TV channel put into play a branding campaign in Belgium under their successful

Cool Daze: The chicken does it again !!

November 22, 2013

This is not the first time that we have proven the power of the chook in the world of physics and