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Modern Wooden House

April 22, 2015

It’s pretty obvious that LZF loves wood. Indeed, our whole company is based around creating beautiful wood veneer lamps and supplying

COOL DAZE: 8 tentacles, smarter than one.

October 12, 2014

  Next time you want to eat “Pulpo” for dinner think about it twice. This funny French video won an

LZF Symposium – Super Agent training #002

April 29, 2014

    Last Friday LZF, along with Dark, and a new member of Do-Shop, we held a Superagent Symposium here at

LZF in the news

December 11, 2013

British, French, German, Russian and Spanish magazines dedicated some of their pages to talk about our lamps in the last

Agatha ‘Florale’ at Home Magazine, France

January 9, 2012

Home Magazine nº35, oct-nov 2011. “Les nouveautés mobilier de la rentrée.” Agatha: “Florale: Créée par le designer espagnol Luis Eslava