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LZF’s top 10 bestsellers

December 21, 2021

As the year draws to a close, we often find ourselves reflecting on past events and future possibilities. While the

LZF at home: lamps in harmony with their surroundings

May 21, 2021

LZF’s winsome lamps have found a home in numerous abodes throughout the world. Unconstrained by convention, LZF crafts lighting that

LZF Lamps specified in David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care

May 27, 2020

Located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

People Behind the Specs: Susan Bardin

People Behind the Specs: Susan Bardin

June 28, 2017

Every day around the world a whole bunch of professionals offer, and seek to place our products into design jobs,

LZF Lamps | LZF Spiro spins its charm in Bucharest

LZF Spiro Spins its charm in Bucharest

February 3, 2017

For weary urbanites, home is often a sanctuary from the madcap and manic city. Stepping across the threshold and into

LZF Lamps | Symmetry and LZF Evoke the Senses

LZF and Symmetry Evoking the Senses in Vancouver

October 27, 2016

Official LZF distributor for British Columbia, Symmetry Lighting, staged a brilliant event in their showroom in Vancouver on the 13th

LZF LAMPS | Spiro Pendant Lamp by Remedios Simon | Software Friendly

LZF Pendant Lamp – Software Friendly

December 11, 2015

LZF Spiro pendant Lamp in the New Relic Lounge We are proud that an LZF pendant lamp has been chosen

LZF Lamps | Wood Lamps | Handmade in Spain | Super Agents 2015

What is an LZF Super Agent Symposium?

November 30, 2015

Well that’s enough of James Bond and secret missions for the time being. What we’d like to do is explain

LZF´s Super Agents 2015

LZF´s Super Agents Lounge 2015

November 10, 2015

LZF Super Agents, known as LZFSA´s, are the principle special operations force deployed overseas in covert LZF operations. They represent

LZF LAMPS | Apartment in Moscow by Designov | Wood touched by Light | Since 1994

Moscow Appartment

July 10, 2015

When you think of Russian design, chances are you think of Lada cars or the bold graphic work on their

LZF LAMPS | NeoCon 2015, Chicago | Spiro wood lamp | Handmade Wood Lighting since 1994 | Wood touched by Light

LZF @ NeoCon, Chicago

June 8, 2015

LZF´s Spiro suspension lamp will be on show in Chicago this June for NeoCon, the largest commercial interiors design show

Press Clippings: October 2014

November 5, 2014

In the past days, many of our lamps and their designers, are featured in different magazines from Spain and Italy.

LZF: It’s only natural

October 1, 2014

  Sometimes we like getting back to our roots. Here at LZF we love getting in touch with nature. It’s

Pilar Martínez Law Firm, by Mauro Lomba

June 18, 2014

    A law firm has to give a very serious and transparent look and feel. Not only in the

LZF and the Wood Box, a transformable space.

March 26, 2014

Saturnia by Oskar Cerezo   Carambola by Oskar Cerezo Months ago in the blog we presented a project that we had set

LZF with La Piastrella in Torino.

December 19, 2013

  On the lower floor of a classical building at Via Massimo d’Azeglio in Torino, Italy, the new La Piastrella

Bevanda Hotel: A tribute to a city’s history

December 4, 2013

      The Bevanda Hotel in Opatija, Croatia, hosts memories from famous people who were inspired in one way

Polywood: Ecology and Versatility

November 27, 2013

100% sustainable LZF lamps convince interior designers. For more than ten years now LZF has been focusing on sustainable materials

Tele2 Arena - LZF Lamps

Tele2 Arena, Stockholm

October 30, 2013

  In Johanneshov, at the south of Stockholm City Centre in Sweden, there’s a new multi-purpose stadium ready to receive

LZF and their wood lighting collection, back at Design Junction!

August 28, 2013

We are really excited to be at the Design Junction with our friends from DO Shop for the second consecutive year,

July Desktop Calendar

July 8, 2013

  This month we’d like to pay a tribute to the Spiro Lamp and the hypnotic patterns that the designer

LZF at the 2013 London Design Festival!

June 17, 2013

We are really happy to share the London Design Festival’s official website article on LZF and DO’s collaboration at this

Next Destination: Las Vegas!

May 9, 2013

After the prestigious success of LZF’s High Fidelity collection at Euroluce in Milano 2013, the company presents its latest collection

Domus features LZF Lamps at Salone 2013

April 19, 2013

Domus goes all out with this great article describing LZF’s High Fidelity Collection. The post goes one step beyond, presenting

LZF Press: Raindrops everywhere

January 17, 2013

Con sus orgánicas curvas de finas láminas de madera, la lámpara Raindrop se ha convertido en la más popular de

LZF at Spirit Home Budapest

December 19, 2012

Viajamos a Budapest invitados por S-Ter, nuestro partner en Hungría, a una presentación dedicada a LZF Lamps que se llevó

LZF Press: Elle Deco, Glamour y Urbis Magazine

December 11, 2012

En una sección dedicada al diseño de lámparas con luces LED, la revista ELLE DECO en su edición inglesa de

LZF & JMM, Orgatec 2012

October 26, 2012

Hemos tenido unos días de mucho movimiento en la Feria Internacional de Mobiliario y Equipamiento para Oficina, Orgatec, en Colonia

Light and Office Space in Orgatec (Cologne)

October 22, 2012

Mañana martes 23 de octubre comienza Orgatec en Colonia (Alemania), la principal feria mundial de diseño para oficinas y espacios

Stand Hábitat Valencia

September 20, 2012

https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/watch?v=NofRBnxd2C0&feature=share&list=UUtoLg45t3HRUSr93wNiqrEw Así ha quedado nuestro stand de la Feria Hábitat Valencia 2012. Con éste, son ya dieciséis años de participación