Thank goodness for spring, you are so welcome to kick off your shoes and stay a while. Is it just me or has this winter been excessively miserable? That little bit extra dark and drizzly? Apologies if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere by the way, you’re probably not quite there yet. Perhaps I’ve noticed it more since moving into our new home six months ago, not being used to its dark and dismal corners which quite frankly I cannot wait to strip off, paint, wire up – whatever I can to make it that little bit brighter. I’ve been stuck with my nose pressed to the window, watching for any signs of life from the garden, full of potential, waiting to become the space we use most and soak up the longer days.
This weekend I was working on a gardening project, and I was thinking that I love the feeling of spontaneity you get in the summer and got to thinking about BBQs (grilling our home grown courgettes perhaps) hosting impromptu alfresco gatherings on balmy evenings, maybe with a small chiminea and some simple, portable lighting to create a little mood.
Portable design is making its way into every area of our lives now, from our phones, heating systems, music – why not lighting? To have the convenience of grabbing the Piknik lamp for portable adventures; a camping trip, late night walk along the beach (ok, that’s wishful thinking) or just taking in garden during a spring or summer night.
Designed to take up minimal space, the Piknik’s base is no larger than a bottle of wine, creating warm atmosphere without losing room for dishes and conservation. Dimmable by touch sensor so that you can control the intensity of light, the frame allows the lampshade to hang freely to gently rock in the breeze. With a rechargeable battery, it’s good to go for up to 8 hours and you can even charge your phone from it if you’re on the move from its USB port.
The warm glow of veneer from a couple of these at my garden table, along with some suitably loungy seating and blankets would make for a very happy summer indeed. So there we have it, with warmer months ahead there’s less to hold you back and more reason to get out there. Oh, and if you ever fancy that walk along the beach, I’m in…
Written by Tiffany Grant Riley
Lamp model: Piknik, by Macalula