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The beauty of natural

July 5, 2017 4:54 pm Published by
‘If only life were that simple…’ A hackneyed phrase, yet one we have all doubtless uttered at one time or another.
In 2017, we can attest to the reality of an increasingly complex, hurried and artificial world, a situation that is both thrilling and anxiety-provoking in equal measure. With a certain amount of wit and wisdom, we are able to navigate through the chaos, often finding beauty and pleasure in that which is natural and uncomplicated: a hand spun Afghan wool kilim, a natural timber veneer lamp or an organic cotton shirt, are just a few simple examples.
Man-made materials such as plastic, glass, concrete and steel, have indisputably revolutionised the way in which we live. While there are countless examples of beautiful buildings and objects made using these materials, they can lack a certain degree of warmth and humility. Conversely, natural materials are almost invariably warm, pleasing and tactile; they possess a sense of honesty, modesty and sustainability. Prime examples include wood, leather, stone (marble, granite and slate), iron, cotton, silk, and natural inks and dyes (extracted from dye plants and organic produce, such as soy, starch and sugars).
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Chou Lamp
At LZF, wood is central to every handmade lamp. A material filled with integrity, clarity and depth, wood’s application to design is rich and varied, functional and artistic. Wood’s malleability and sustainable properties, its uniqueness, solidity and warmth, ensure its continued popularity in a range of settings and conditions. Using natural timber veneers, LZF’s designers and craftsmen have built an array of fine, original lights. Despite the complexity of each design, simplicity and naturalness are intrinsic components of every LZF lamp. Moreover, LZF’s knack for presentation shows the quality of its lights in a varied range of quiet, simple environments.
Life is fast and frantic, sometimes coming apart at the seams, other times filled with joy and wonder. The act of slowing down, of appreciating the beauty of our natural world and the beauty found in natural materials, is not philosophical or profound: its merely wonderful common sense.
Written by Gerard McGuickin
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