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The magic of Koi

November 8, 2017 3:40 pm Published by
Part pendant, part sculpture, Koi is a dramatic and decorative light that appears as a surreal wood creature.

Part pendant, part sculpture, Koi is a dramatic and decorative light that appears as a surreal wood creature.

LZF’s singular life-size collection represents a remarkable feat of design, craftsmanship and technical innovation. In many ways, LZF’s three life-size pieces—Koi, Elephant and Fish—act as unofficial brand ambassadors, their presence inspiring a sense of wonderment and giving rise to much delight wherever they appear. With the quality of seeming custom-made—and yet not custom-made—LZF’s life-size creations have the unique ability to transform a space, their strength of personality and poise providing an immediate attraction.

The Koi is especially majestic, possessing a beauty that is both ethereal and earthly. 

With its surreal quality, this dramatic light shimmers when lit, its lithe body an intricate mass of handmade wooden slats. The Koi’s magical disposition captures a fleeting moment, conceivably a still taken from its vigorous upstream voyage. While Elephant and Fish have their feet firmly planted, Koi is found floating overhead and is gaining a greater presence in installations around the world.
In Japan, the koi, a much respected and symbolic fish, is the country’s national fish. Ornamental in nature, the koi is thought to represent luck, prosperity and good fortune. A hearty fish that swims upstream, the koi symbolises strength, bravery and perseverance.

Amazing sushi, amazing restaurants

It is perhaps with such characteristics in mind that the proprietors of IZAKAYA Munich—an imaginative Asian Kitchen & Bar—chose LZF’s Koi as a focal symbol of Japan for its new Munich eatery. Reinventing time-honoured Japanese cuisine, IZAKAYA Munich’s interior emphasises a discerning classic and contemporary design symbiosis. With the predominance of wood throughout and the use of dark, earthy tones, Koi is a fitting statement of refined taste. In another restaurant venture, chef José Andrés’ Maryland-based fish restaurant (aptly named Fish by José Andrés), features LZF’s Koi. Similar to IZAKAYA Munich, the Koi is an impressive centrepiece, and arguably the crowning glory of the Maryland establishment’s interior. 
Restaurants such as IZAKAYA Munich and Fish by José Andrés appear to stress the importance of clean, natural ingredients, with a sense of refinement and a certain focus on theatricality. Added together, this combination of elements typify a level of urbanity and self-possession that ensure a sculptural light such as Koi is entirely at home. And once in place, Koi’s magic will work wonders.
Koi lamp at Fish by José Andrés Restaurant. Pic from MGM National Harbor website.

Koi lamp at “Fish by José Andrés” Restaurant. Pic from MGM National Harbor website.

IZAKAYA Restaurant, Munich

IZAKAYA Restaurant, Munich

Izakaya Restaurant, Munich

Izakaya Restaurant, Munich


Written by Gerard McGuickin

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