LZF LAMPS | The Swirl by Ray Power

Swirl is an ingenious new suspension lamp designed by Ray Power for LZF. With a shape that is both studied and sculptural, Swirl strikes a handsome profile from every angle. At once elegant and enigmatic, Swirl excites the eye with its eddying and whirling folds, their twisting twirl a sensuous feat.

The Swirl pendant is handmade using wood veneer strips made with our Timberlite technology – available in ten arresting finishes – with a brushed nickel, white or gold finish canopy.

In Swirl, designer Ray Power has created a light where colour inspires an essence of drama. In his mind’s eye, Ray describes Swirl and its varied wood shade colours as having different expressions. In white, Ray visualises Swirl in the guise of whipped cream, in red, as a giant rose. In blue, he considers Swirl to be the darkest storm cloud and in turquoise, a crystalline sea. In orange, a raging fire and in yellow, pure happiness. Ray believes that Swirl in any colour will act to illuminate the world in which we live and inspire our imagination.LZF Swirl by Ray Power 06 LZF Swirl by Ray Power 07

In Swirl, we can enjoy the aesthetically pleasing properties of light and wood in unison. Moreover, Swirl is a characterful lamp whose soul emits a soft and warm salutation, its ambience like the soundtrack to a smooth LP. When emotions swirl, so the Swirl lamp acts to sooth and give solace, its feel-good vibe a highlight in any room.

From a smart industrial space to cosier contemporary quarters, Swirl is a light created with the individual in mind. More than a fixture, in this lamp we find a familiar feature, a light with which we are au fait and at home. Its beauty is as much visceral as it is visual.

LZF LAMPS | The Swirl by Ray Power 16

Ray Power, who has worked with LZF since 1998, employs a characteristic technique in his designs based on geometry and shows an inherent propensity to create three-dimensional forms with flat materials. Swirl is indeed no exception. With its contours brought to life in stereo, the Swirl lamp’s comportment is precise and framed in the manner expected of each and every prepossessing LZF creation.

Written by: Gerard McGuickin  

LZF LAMPS | The Swirl by Ray Power