LZFs headquarters takes on a strange new charm in the witching hour

Insomnia can be both a blessing and a curse. Our esteemed photographer Emilio Lekuona has always had a bit of trouble sleeping. Emilio assures us it’s because his mind is so full of great ideas, he can’t relax. He’s tried everything from mindfulness meditation, to rioja, but nothing seems to quieten the chattering monkeys in his head. So he does what any great photographer would do faced with the prospect of hours upon hours alone with his thoughts….

He climbs out of bed, grabs his camera and starts snapping.

Fortunately for us Emilio often bunks down in the LZF studios in Chiva and so last week when he couldn’t sleep, he got up, brushed down his pyjamas and decided to capture all of the LZF workspaces on the other side of midnight.

Rather like an abandoned amusement park, there’s something peculiarly ethereal about a factory at night; especially one so steeped in history as ours (it was once an old winery). Emilio swears he saw a couple of ghosts swirling around the dusty corridors, but then again Emilio says a lot of things and few of them are to be taken seriously.

What we do know is that he should get up with the witches more often, if it means coming up with images as stunning as the ones you see here.

Not only did Emilio capture our workspaces in a way they have never been captured before; in the warm still silence of a Chiva night, but he also showed the lamps we use around us every day, in a hauntingly beautiful new way.

Thanks Emilio. Time to get some shut-eye.




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