The Wood Collector is a virtual sanctuary for those who love wood. A thought put into motion with the aim of inspiring people through the exhibition of ideas around wood and timber.

What started as an internal initiative within LZF, has grown into an ongoing project, supported on its own merit and now available to the public to view on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

This photo blog showcases wooden works we have come across in our daily lives which we find extraordinary. The colours, the grains, textures, shapes and joins are all elements which we have notice and feel need to be emphasized.

So if you love the properties of wood or are thinking of incorporating more wood into your life this site is for you. So please, get comfy, turn up the music and prepare yourself to get energized as you browse some truly beautiful wooden works.


The objects displayed in the Wood Collector are not LZF products. They are images we have come across in our travels both physically and virtually, and deem them special for one reason or another.