We’re glad to be back

It’s not often LZF takes a holiday from an entire continent, especially one we love as much as North America. But hey, now we’re back and already settling into sunny Miami, home of the Dolphins, humidity, art-deco architecture, and a dodgy 1980s police show about vice.

Despite the association with the TV show (heck, do you remember Sonny’s pastel suits?) we’re really enjoying it here. In fact it seems like the perfect place from which to distribute our beautiful timber veneer lights to all our friends in the USA and Canada.

Our North American nerve centre will be managed by Import&Ent; folks who are just as passionate about LZF as we are.

And while it’s Import&Ent who are on the ground in Miami, you’ll still have a direct hot-line to our customer service and marketing teams in Spain…meaning we’re always open to communication, no matter where you may be.

What this all means to you is a continuation of the smooth and streamlined service that you can expect from LZF.

So North America, it’s time to turn on the lights again.

Contact us!!  [email protected]

we look forward to hearing from you.