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Wall sconces, where and why use them

March 21, 2018 7:10 pm Published by

Wall sconces can be found anywhere in a house these days:  in large rooms as secondary light source, in hallways to break up a long space or as a decorative element in an entryway. Whether it is for ambient lighting, for task lighting or simply as decoration, wall sconces are an option to bear in mind when designing a room.

The wall sconce is an object of great antiquity. One of the earliest forms of domestic and public lighting, the sconce used candles whose flames would cast a soft, flickering glow. Often elaborately detailed and ornamental (for example, in a decorative rococo style), the sconce had a certain facade of grandeur and ostentation.

Today, the modern wall sconce—or more typically, wall light—is powered by electricity. Perhaps considered a curious, even impractical, source of lighting by some (compared with the arguably more useful and portable table or floor light), the wall sconce has had to work hard to achieve acceptance by dubious consumers. After all, the placement of a wall sconce requires a certain amount of thought and planning—once affixed to a wall, it is there for the duration. Yet as a source of light, the wall sconce is a distinctive and modish luminaire.

As a lighting fixture, the wall sconce’s application is considerably versatile and can be found in rooms across the home. Placed in a long hallway for example, the wall sconce will break up the space, adding warmth and decoration.

In a bathroom, the sconce is an ideal secondary light—when positioned above or at the side of a mirror, it is especially apt. As a bedside light, the sconce is cosy and ambient, providing a pleasing level of illumination. And though it may seem strange, the wall sconce can act as a type of art installation—for instance, placing several lights in close proximity and at varying levels.

With a penchant for well-crafted, aesthetic, functional and innovative lighting, it will come as no surprise to learn that LZF has a number of eye-catching wood veneer wall sconces. Air is sublime, graceful and enchanting—a balanced light with a distinct silhouette. Guijarro, a family of three differently-sized, pebble-like lights, is imaginatively designed—Guijarro shines when grouped in formation. Orbit is thoughtful and unfussy, with an air of quiet self-assurance. In Orbit, light is diffused both upwards and downwards via its two apertures, and an inner glow radiates outwards.

Discover LZF’s catalogue of original and artistic wall sconces here.

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