Wall sconces are anywhere in a house these days:  in large rooms as secondary light source, in hallways to break up a long space or as a decorative element in an entryway. Whether it is for ambient lighting, for task lighting or simply as decoration, wall sconces are an option to bear in mind when designing a room.

Wall sconces are one of the earliest forms of domestic and public lighting. Back then, the sconce used candles whose flames would cast a soft, flickering glow. They were, really often elaborately detailed and ornamental, and they had a certain facade of ostentation; but nowadays there is a wide range of wall sconces to choose.

Today, the modern wall sconce—or more typically, wall light—is powered by electricity. Perhaps considered a curious, even impractical, source of lighting by some, the wall sconce has had to work hard to achieve acceptance by dubious consumers.

After all, the placement of a wall sconce requires a certain amount of thought and planning—once affixed to a wall, it is there for the duration. Yet as a source of light, the wall sconce is a distinctive and modish luminaire.

As a lighting fixture, the wall sconce is considerably versatile and can be found in rooms across the home. Placed in a long hallway for example, the wall sconce will break up the space, adding warmth and decoration.

In a bathroom, wall sconces are an ideal secondary light—positioned above or at the side of a mirror, they are especially apt. As a bedside light, the sconce is cosy and ambient and provides a pleasing illumination.

And though it may seem strange, the wall sconce can act as a type of art installation when creating clusters that will, at the same time, act as a decoration and provide lighting.

With a predilection for aesthetic, functional and innovative lighting, it will come as no surprise that LZF has a number of eye-catching wood veneer wall sconces.

Air, in the image above these paragraphs, is sublime, graceful and enchanting—a balanced light with a distinct silhouette. On the other hand, Guijarro, under these lines, is a family of three differently-sized, pebble-like lights—they shine when grouped in formation.

Righ under these lines there is Orbit : thoughtful and unfussy, with an air of quiet self-assurance. In Orbit, light is diffused both upwards and downwards via its two apertures, and an inner glow radiates outwards.

Discover LZF’s catalogue of original and artistic wall sconces here.