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Win a Piknik lamp!

November 22, 2017 2:30 pm Published by
We knew that we wanted to have a cordless light in our collection, but we had no idea how to get there. And then, by chance, we came into contact with a former design collective known as Surtido. In fact more than just a collective, Surtido offered a completely new way of approaching design.
Surtido was a group of independent designers who would receive a collective brief from a manufacturer. The designers would then go to their individual studios to dream up ideas, prepare prototypes and later return to make an en masse presentation of each individual idea. The chosen concept would be taken forward with the manufacturer.
LZF’s brief was simple: the cordless light should be the same diameter as a bottle of wine, so that when placed on a small table for two it would not intrude on the diners, and would create a romantic dinner light. Moreover, it needed to last at least eight hours autonomously. Macalula was the studio that convinced us most with its design. Originally called swing’, it was a stunningly simple concept, incorporating the pended (hanging) shade that moved in the breeze, creating a candle-like flicker on the faces of the diners through it’s movement.

A real challenge

This is when the real challenge began. It was 2011 and the prototype was accepted in 2012. We had no idea about what we were getting ourselves into, but the excitement kept us moving forward. This was the first time that we had to design an electronic motherboard for a lamp, and it was much more complicated than we had imagined. It was also the first time that we had a touch switch, and while it seemed that other companies managed to do this effortlessly, we toiled over the details for years, not editing the fully functional model until 2017. We also added a charging-out function, meaning the lamp could act as a battery pack for charging devices—handy for those times outdoors when you are far from a plug.

I read that Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light and we had our fair share of setbacks with the Piknik. Nevertheless, we are proud to say that it is finished and we nailed it with version 5.0! We can’t wait for you to try out our lamp, so why don’t you enter our contest on Instagram and you could take this beauty home.

 And the light shone after all

That’s why we want to share this lamp with you. Here @Lzflamps we are giving away one Piknik lamp, to take with you wherever you go.We are so looking forward to you trying out our lamp so why don’t you enter our contest on Instagram and you could take this beauty home with you.
1- Like @lzflamps on Instagram
2- Share a picture of your favorite place, a place where you’d take your #Piknik lamp.
3- Mention @lzflamps and the hashtags #myfavouriteplacewithlzf #Lzflamps #Iwannapiknik
GOOD LUCK and thanks for participating!
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