Let us be clear, we love wood. In fact We love wood so much that we felt the desire to create a virtual sanctuary dedicated to this precious material. A place where no matter how tough your day was,  you can come and feel invigorated, hopefully even inspired.

The Wood Collector is the embodiment of this love. A space where we exhibiting ideas, wooden forms and applications that have both deepen our understanding of design and helped propel us forward. The beauty is in the details, the contrasting colours, the lines, the textures and the combination of modern materials. These images invoke thought and spark imagination and creativity.

What once began as an inside project within LZF has now grown into a serious parallel project supported on its own merit, with an increasing allocate of resources to see it continue into the future. So please, turn the music up, slip into the sofa and come take a browse into our world of wood.

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The objects displayed in the Wood Collector are not LZF products. They are images we have come across in our travels both physically and virtually, and deem them special for one reason or another.