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Wood warmth. Feeling home away from home

February 15, 2018 9:40 am Published by
In today’s world of budget air travel (with its penchant for poor levels of customer service), it can be argued that our expectations of a trip have been, sadly, diminished. Indeed that thrifty approach to air travel will often extend to one’s accommodation (with the sure it’s just a place to sleep’ way of thinking). Perhaps we have lost sight of what it means to take a break, to take time for oneself, to simply roam and rove, with a sense of wonderment and surprise.  Then, following a day of wandering with total abandon, to return to one’s hotel, guesthouse or space, content to reflect on the day, to bathe and relax (and of course the same applies if one is on a business trip—no employer should skimp on a good hotel).
There is—at least for this writer—a certain amount of trepidation when opening the door to a hotel room. What lies beyond the threshold? That feeling of home away from home should not be underestimated. Comfort, warmth and light are qualities that many hotels neglect or simply fail to comprehend. Yet they are essential—to relaxing and resting. While handsome design, crisp bed linen and take-home-worthy toiletries are wished for, warmth and light are a must. One material, above all, is the perfect facilitator: wood.
Wood is a wonderfully natural material that will add a beautiful homey feel. Warm and rich in provenance, it has an integrity, clarity and depth that often set it apart within a design context.  Moreover, wood has a certain meditative air, its warmth encouraging contemplation and mental repose. Strong, tactile, aesthetic and sustainable, wood is also long-lasting—in particular, modern production techniques work to improve its imperishability and fire retardancy (ideal in hotels).
An interior whose features include wood fixtures and fittings will doubtless work to calm the mind, body and soul. And in wood paired with light, we find exceptional levels of cosiness—in subtle shades and tones, casting shadows and tracing contours, where light is sometimes radiant and sometimes soft. It’s the hallmark of LZF.
Even if the journey is a trial (courtesy of most budget airlines), the destination can and should provide a reward. Choose a hotel that offers that home away from home experience, with an added touch of luxury. Smaller hotels will often place a greater emphasis on hospitality, seeking to ensure a warm welcome and relaxing stay. Opt for hotels with a keen eye on good design, where wood is a key component and light is a considered source of comfort and well-being. 

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