LZF Lamps Telling Tales Campaign Title: Lana&John

Silver always arrives at Dr. Stanford’s clinic in the late afternoon. He goes once a month. He is always very elegant. Today he has to wait as the doctor is still with a patient; the winter has colds running rife among the school children. Her clinic is a paediatric one. I’m positive he’s run into Mrs. Andersen and her children in the waiting room.

The Anderson children are always ill and are at the clinic every month, I think they are pretending, all they really want to do is spend an afternoon in Dr Stanford’s play room. Children these days are very smart, they even know how to lie. I never learnt how to, I only know how to imagine, which is different.
The Anderson children are always ill and are at the clinic every month, I think they are pretending, all they really want to do is spend an afternoon in Dr Stanford’s play room. Children these days are very smart, they even know how to lie. I never learnt how to, I only know how to imagine, which is different.

Mrs Anderson leaves the building holding her daughter by the hand, which means he is already entering into Dr Stanford's office. I think he’s French, all men that carry a suitcase and wear a hat are french, or bachelors, or maybe even both. He greets her by her name, Ava, and she tells him how much she’s missed him.
LZF Lamp | Swirl wood lamp | Telling Tales: Ava & Silver | Handmade Wood Lighting since 1994

Silver is a couturier. Dr Stanford doesn’t have time to go shopping, I hardly ever see her go out; she’s too busy looking after our children, well I mean, other people’s children, I still don’t have any. Silver will unpack some of his new creations that he’s brought for Ava to try, they are stunning. I wonder when Dr Stanford actually has the time to wear all these dresses ?

It has started to snow. Ava will tell Silver that he can’t possibly leave now, not in this cold. They’ll spend the night together. He will tell her about all the cities he’s been to and she’ll ask him lots of questions, like, if he likes to dance, or if he also makes clothes for men, or why he never gets sick? The reason Ava asks him so many questions, is because she doesn’t dare ask him the one question she has been wanting to ask him for a very long time.
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Telling Tales (a collection of illuminated stories), is the name of LZF’s communication campaign for 2016. Mariví Calvo created the campaign based on three ideas that would make this catalogue different from previous ones: the images were to be set at night, providing an opportunity to showcase the lamps when lit; the focus was to shift from spaces themselves to the human beings that inhabit them; and the catalogue was to move away from traditional formats and to be a work of artistic creation.

To accomplish this vision, Masquespacio Studio was consulted to come up with ideas for the campaign. They suggested doing photographic recreations of stories set in the 1950s. The initial references were to the works of the painter Edward Hopper and the film Rear Window by Hitchcock. We wanted to recreate the colours of film and photography from that period, and the idea that each photograph would evoke a story line coming from the past and moving forward into the future.

Preparations began in the summer of 2015: location scouting, decoration tests and auditions among friends and relatives for mock up images. This was the way to go: the only thing that was missing was the literary sense that would bring this imaginary world to life.

Writer and novelist, Grassa Toro, had just written the texts for the Funny Farm catalogue-book for the collection of wooden figures created by Isidro Ferrer. It was his first collaboration with LZF. He was invited on board as part of LZF’s annual program of guest artists (musicians, graffiti artists, illustrators) from outside the world of industrial design, giving a whole new twist to the LZF Lab.

Grassa Toro joined the team in July 2015. The first stories were born; new locations were sought; furniture, decoration objects and period costumes were gathered. An audition among actors and models in Valencia revealed who would play the characters, a team in charge of lighting, photography and digital image processing was put together and consisted of María Mira & Cauliti Photo Studio. Managed by LZF´s very own Ester Colomina and directed down to the last detail by Mariví Calvo, the wheels rolled into motion.

Telling Tales is now a collection of hundreds of photographs, six stories and several hours of filming. The public will get a chance to see the selected images and read the stories through our social media channels, Magazine No. 3 and in a special, six-volume book edition that will appear periodically throughout 2016. The machinery of seduction is up and running and like in the big films, the team credits are featured in a prominent place.

Telling Tales Campaign LZF Lamps

My name … Well, it doesn’t really matter what my name is. I have the same name as so many other people. I also like what so many other people like: ice cream, shiny shoes, warm weather, being silent for long periods of time, and watching people.

I often watch people without them noticing.  I don’t want to bother them. Infact, I’ve developed complex techniques for passing unnoticed while I watch, which I can’t reveal to you because if I did they would be useless.

As a matter of fact, I don’t watch as much as I see: I mean, I see into peoples’ lives. You can’t watch the past or the future because they’re not there in front of you, but you can see into them. The same sort of thing happens with thoughts and other things that can also be seen.

I don’t know if I already mentioned this but I also like secrets, the light you get in movie houses, my city, long avenues like the one I live on, falling in love, and having birthdays, just like anybody else.

I love to write, and when I do, I write at night.

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