20 WhiteWhite

20 White OFF 20 White ON

21 CherryCherry

21 Cherry OFF 21 Cherry ON

22 BeechBeech

22 Beech OFF 22 Beech ON

24 YellowYellow

24 Yellow OFF 24 Yellow ON

25 OrangeOrange

25 Orange OFF 25 Orange ON

26 RedRed

26 Red OFF 26 Red ON

28 BlueBlue

28 Blue OFF 28 Blue ON

29 GreyGrey

29 Grey OFF 29 Grey ON

30 TurquoiseTurquoise

30 Turquoise OFF 30 Turquoise ON

31 ChocolateChocolate

31 Chocolate OFF 31 Chocolate ON

33 Pale RosePale Rose

33 Pale Rose OFF 33 Pale Rose ON
The above photographic repruductions should only be used as a guide. To view a true representation of our veneers, please refer to our wood samples.


Timberlite Logo

The dramatic effect of light passing through the wood veneer is the essence and hallmark of LZF. This important feature would not be possible without the application of our patented process in treating the raw natural veneer: the Timberlite ® system.

This system, the result of LZF’s research & development work, allows us to work with an extremely flexible, yet very resistant veneer, which can take on many shapes without breaking.

In addition to all our veneers being FSC certified, thanks to the treatment, the wood used to fabricate our lamps maintains is natural qualities, adopting different nuances and hues over time.