20 WhiteWhite

20 White OFF 20 White ON

21 CherryCherry

21 Cherry OFF 21 Cherry ON

22 BeechBeech

22 Beech OFF 22 Beech ON

24 YellowYellow

24 Yellow OFF 24 Yellow ON

25 OrangeOrange

25 Orange OFF 25 Orange ON

26 RedRed

26 Red OFF 26 Red ON

28 BlueBlue

28 Blue OFF 28 Blue ON

29 GreyGrey

29 Grey OFF 29 Grey ON

33 Pale RosePale Rose

33 Pale Rose OFF 33 Pale Rose ON

34 Sea BlueSea Blue

34 Sea Blue OFF 34 Sea Blue ON


The photographic reproductions of our illuminated wood veeners are a guide only. Veeners will appear differently depending on the lighting conditions and Kelvin temperature of yout light source.


Timberlite Logo

Wood is a noble material and has been part of our DNA since our beginnings. All LZF lamps are handmade from FSC natural wood veneer, ensuring their origin from controlled forests and guaranteeing our sustainability and environmental commitment. LZF lamps’ wood veneers are treated with a technique patented by LZF, called Timberlite©, that allows this fragile material to become flexible and resistant without the need of any chemical processes. Knots and other elements of wood are a natural occurrence and form part of the feel and design of the material. As a living material our veneers will age with time, changing as you change, accompanying you with their richness during a whole lifetime.